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Luxury: a symbol of wealth

Luxury is derived from the Latin "light ". So, luxury goods should be bright, bright, let people enjoy the. Luxury goods through its brand visual identity system to convey the content. Luxury brand charm is rich and luxurious. From a sociological point of said, luxury is the nobility items. It has the status, identity, regard oneself head and shoulders above others have the power. It is the image of the representatives of the aristocracy. The development and evolution of society did not change people's " wealth ", a luxury brand can satisfy people's demand for this kind of instinct. " Routh has been a symbol of nobility " car car.


Luxury brands are often proud of yourself, they continue to build personalized banner, create the highest realm of their own. " Mercedes " pursuit of a top quality, " he called Routh " the pursuit of crafting, " Ferrari " the pursuit of speed, and " Cadillac " pursuit of luxury and comfortable. Their unique heart, show. It is because of personalized commodity, creates the reason for people to buy. It is because the individual is not popular luxury goods, it indicates its unique value.

Looks good

Luxury brand service products must be " the most senior ". This "the most senior " must be from the exterior to the quality can reflect one by one. Senior luxury goods should be visible. Because of the luxury " obviously ", it can bring glory. Therefore, luxury should provide more " visible value -- " people seem to feel good. Those who buy luxury people are not in the pursuit of practical value, but in the pursuit of all mankind " best" feeling. " Mercedes " car so; " Chanel " fashion and so.

The sense of distance

As a luxury brand must do feel. For most people the feeling is unattainable luxury brand marketing mission. In the market positioning, luxury brand is a " rich people". Therefore, to maintain the superiority of target customers, when the public and they have a sense of distance. Distance produce beauty. Luxury brands will continue to set barriers to consumption, and mass consumer in miles. In order to make the brand awareness of the people who actually owns the brand in number form a great contrast, this is the charm of luxury brands. So, so to speak, the luxury brand is " dream of, few have ".


Luxury brands are very specific, it can never be free to expand the use of. The specificity of the so-called brand, refers to the brand service only to a product or a product. It is hard to see how a luxury brand use across two industries, but also achieved success. Brand diversification itself is the brand management of taboo, let alone a luxury brand? " Pierre Cardin, " once extended to wine, produced a " Pierre Cardin, " wine, the results failed. If the " Nike " dare to do so, also good luck is not long. " Remy Martin " if successfully launched a shampoo, " P & G " must be fulminate with anger.

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